Cowboy Action 
Shooters Clinic
The next 
Shooters Clinic 
will be held on 
March21 2020 at the CJR&PC At 2:00pm
Jesamy Kid at

Clean Shoot Pin
Jackson Hole Gang Badge
Poppa Grey Trail Boss 
 Match Director Monthly Shoots 
Ben Cooley 
Match Director
Geezer Shoot
Flat Iron Frank
and Bronco Joan


Shoot Registration
Bronco Joan  and Sweetheart Sherry

Territorial Govoner
Cholula Mike
Official Brand of the Jackson Hole Gang
Wild Bunch 2019
See you next year
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Cowboy Action  
Setup for Cowboy Action will be the Saturday before the shoot at 4:00pm or as posted
Cowboy Action Sign in time  Match Day is 8:15am to 9:15am.
Cost for CJR&P Club Members is $10 Non Members $15
 Shooters meeting  9:15an 
Shooting will begin at 9:30am
Geezer Shoot 2019
See you next year

Wild Bunch
Set up for Wild Bunch will be on match day at 8:00am
Wild Bunch Sign in time Match Day is 9:00am
Cost for CJR&P Club Members is  $10 and Non Members $15
 First round down Range at 10:00
Geezer Shoot
Setup for Cowboy Action Geezer Shoot will be the morning of the shoot at 8:30am
Sign in time  Match Day is 9:15am
Cost for CJR&P Club Members is $5 Non Members $7 
 Shooters meeting  9:30am
Shooting will begin following the shooters meeting
 Match Director
Wild Bunch
Cowboy Action  Shooters Clinic 
Due to Covid 19 clinic is temporarily suspended
The Cowboy Action Shooters Clinics will be held the Saturday before the Monthly Cowboy Sction Match 
Starting inMarch through November  at 2:00 pm Contact Jesamy Kid  if you plan to attend 908-507-0157 $10 donation the the SASS Scholarship funk

Cowboy Action 2019
See Y'all next year

Congratulations to the 2019 SASS NJ  State Champions
 Big Whiskey And Stunt Girl Taj
Welcome to The Jackson Hole Gang
Cowboy Action shooting
168 South Stump Tavern Rd
Jackson NJ
Jesamy Kid and Dancin Angel would like to thank everyone for their support during our time working with the best bunch of Cowboys and Cowgirls on the SASS Ranges
7/13/20 Update
CJRPC and the  Jackson Hole Gang are OPEN for matches with guests!!!!!!!!

8/12/20 is Geezer

8/29 is Wild Bunch

8/23 is Cowboy

There will be a shooters clinic 8/22/20

PIP applications and checks can now be mailed!!!

send to:
Bronco Joan
610 Ollie Burke Road
Jackson NJ 08527
stay safe and see y'all soon

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There will be a shooters clinic August 22, 2020