Stage 1
 "Gunfight at the Angel Hotel"
Stage 2
 "Jersey Sue's Laundry"
Stage 3
 "Shopalong's Shopping Spree"
Stage 4
 "Sweetheart Sherry's Saloon"
Stage 5
 "The Doc's Office"
Dancin Angel
Sweetheart Sherry
Doom's Darlin
Jersey Sue
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 March Top Gun
Ralphie Parker
 April Top Gun's
Jesamy Kid and Dancin Angel
 May's Top Gun's
Lefty Bob and Barley Pop Bill
 June's Top Gun's
Biloxi Bob and Bronco Joan
 May's Top Gun
Wild Bunch
Cholula Mike
 June's Top Gun
Cholula Mike
 August Top Gun's
Johnny Swan              and          Stunt Girl Taj
 August's Top Gun
 July's Top Gun's
Jesamy Kid       and   Dancin Angel
 May's Top Gun
Wild Bunch
Abe The Crippler
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